Heating mode control with a battery-free switch

French manufacturer NodOn has been using its experience with EnOcean relay switches to launch its Pilot Wire Heating Module and a battery-free switch with marked buttons to control it. The Module can be installed on pilot wire electric heaters and is claimed to provide energy and heating savings in homes, schools or companies.

With 6 modes (Comfort, Comfort -1°C, Comfort -2°C, Eco, No Frost, Stop), the EnOcean Pilot Wire Heating Module allows the user to smartly manage heating to save energy. It enables an electric pilot wire heater to be connected and controlled automatically (via a home automation gateway) or remotely (with the EnOcean switch or sensor). The Module has a metering function and is easy to install behind the grommet of the pilot wire electric heater.

Combined with an EnOcean opening sensor installed on a window, it will automatically switch from Comfort mode to Eco mode when the window is open. It is also possible to launch heating scenarios according to the hours and days of the week (via a compatible home automation gateway).

For easy changeover between heating modes, NodOn has designed a battery-free EnOcean Switch with a special button marking.

The switch can be added without any work in a room (fixing with screws or double-sided tape) to control the Comfort, Eco, No Frost and Stop Pilot Wire Heater modes. It is battery-free and requires no maintenance.

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