Lab Now an Authorized Zigbee Certification Program Testing Provider

The Zigbee Alliance has announced that Bureau Veritas now provides Zigbee testing services from its wireless/IoT laboratory in California and offers Zigbee Alliance member companies another test laboratory to rely on for Zigbee Alliance Test Services.


Bureau Veritas apparently supports manufacturers in the smart home, building automation, industrial, new mobility, connected person, mobile health, and other wireless-enabled industries with testing, certification, and global market access. The company told IncisorTV that it is focused on building a network of wireless test facilities across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Manufacturers have access to its portfolio of innovation services and digital solutions that embrace the latest technologies to help optimize efficiency, improve safety, and ultimately get safe, secure and reliable products to market and in the hands of consumers.


“As leading wireless test specialists, we are proud to add Zigbee Alliance testing services to our wide portfolio of IoT offerings,” said Eddie Parsons, Wireless/IoT Laboratory Manager, Bureau Veritas North America. “Wireless designers and integrators trust us for our extensive technical knowledge and range of third-party testing capabilities that enable timely market access with the confidence that products work as expected.”

“As the IoT industry progresses in a collaborative manner, effective product testing and certification becomes even more important for companies seeking to gain a share of this new wave of IoT prosperity and consumer acceptance that’s coming to the smart home, building, and city markets,” said Jon Harros, Director of Certification and Testing Programs, Zigbee Alliance. “Bureau Veritas gives innovators another esteemed authorized testing house to work through to support brand credibility, value, and customer connections.”

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