iEB110, a complete BLE v5.2 solution is aimed at developers of the next generation of audio applications

Imagination Technologies has announced its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IP, supporting the latest Bluetooth SIG version 5.2 specification. iEB110 is apparently a complete BLE solution, including RF, controller software and Bluetooth Low Energy host stack. Imagination suggests that by providing a complete solution using the open-source Zephyr and Cordio host stacks together with a set of profiles, companies wanting to integrate BLE IP into their solution can take advantage of reduced integration and development costs.

Designed for integration into communication systems-on-chips (SoCs), the iEB110 is claimed to offer high performance, efficient RF, with optimum silicon area and external bill of materials (BOM). The iEB110 architecture allows integration with Imagination’s Wi-Fi IPs to create multi-standard, wireless communication SoCs.

iEB110 takes advantage of the new Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3) and efficient software algorithm to deliver clear audio at the lowest power, enabling manufacturers to create small form factor, low power audio devices such as earbuds and hearing aids. iEB110 supports advanced Bluetooth 5.2 features such as Angle of Arrival/Angle of Departure (AoA / AoD) allowing sub 1m location and tracking accuracy, LE long-range operation for extended indoor and outdoor coverage, and LE-2M PHY for higher throughput.

Richard Edgar, Senior Director of Product Management, Imagination Technologies, told Incisor; “We believe that with the new rich set of features provided by the latest BLE specification, the ability of BLE to provide low-power audio solutions and accurate indoor positioning will enable a new range of exciting applications. The iEB110 has been developed to enable silicon vendors who want to integrate the latest BLE features into their products, as a quick and cost-effective solution to do so.”


Imagination’s iEB110 is supplied as a complete IP solution comprising RF, controller and host stack for Zephyr and Cordio complete with Bluetooth SIG certification and FCC and CE RF compliance.

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