The main focus of Allterco Robotics in 2020 will continue to be the production of smart devices

Bulgarian IoT company Allterco Robotics has introduced Shelly i3, claiming that this is the smallest Wi-Fi home automation device in the world. Along with it, the company also showcased for the first time 6 other new smart home gadgets under the Shelly brand. The online premiere of the smart devices was watched live on YouTube by several thousand people and over 10,000 people in just 24 hours. During the event, all the new 7 devices were showcased in action:

  • Shelly i3 – a Wi-Fi action and scene activation device. This allows you to run 28 different scenarios with just a simple wall switch without having to buy any additional equipment. With Shelly i3 only, you can create scenes and control lighting, heating, and every single appliance at home. The price of the device is apparently under 10 EUR. Like all other Shelly devices, Allterco says that this is compatible with many home automation systems.
  • Shelly Gas – a high-sensitivity flame resistant sensor, which detects Natural Gas. When a gas leak is detected, the sound and light alarm of Shelly Gas is triggered immediately to alert all people in the room to leave. At the same time, the device can turn off all appliances and open automated windows and doors to protect the building from possible fire or explosion.
  • Shelly Button 1 – a Wi-Fi smart button, which allows you to control your home from your pocket. Powered by rechargeable batteries, it can control every device in the house with one or a few clicks. You don’t even have to be in your home to unlock the door or turn off the lights.
  • Shelly Door/Window 2 a Wi-Fi sensor that not only detects and reports the opening and closing of doors and windows but also notifies you in case some windows are left semi-open. In addition to the built-in light sensor, the device can turn on the lights if it is dark, and open the door. This second edition can also show the temperature in the room.
  • Shelly 1L – allows you to phase-control the lighting and can work without a neutral line. This makes it convenient for use in already built electrical installations, says Allterco. For this purpose, it needs to be placed behind a standard key on the wall, and you can control the lighting from your mobile phone. With the help of Shelly1L you can simulate presence at your house or turn off the lamps you forgot to switch off.
  • Shelly Dimmer 2 – similar to Shelly1L, this device also works without a neutral line, but apart from just switching on and off the lighting, Shelly Dimmer 2 allows you to adjust their brightness. One of its unique features is that it follows the sunrise and sunset and controls the lighting accordingly. So, when you turn the lights on at night, Shelly Dimmer 2 will automatically dim them, so you avoid waking up someone asleep in the next room or irritating your eyes.
  • Shelly UNI – a Wi-Fi module that can be installed in any low-power electronics. While it has small dimensions, Allterco says that it is powerful and can measure the temperature in 5 rooms at once, notify you when someone rings the doorbell, or start the coffee machine at a pre-set timing or via a command from your mobile phone.

The new Shelly products can be found on the website, which was also presented for the first time during the online event. The Shelly i3, Shelly Button1, and Shelly Gas devices are already on sale and can be purchased from the site. Pre-orders are currently being accepted for Shelly Dimmer 2 and Shelly UNI, while Shelly Door/Window 2 is expected to be launched on June 25, 2020, and the launch date of the Shelly 1L is yet to be announced.

Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of Allterco Robotics told Incisor.TV,  “We are extremely happy that in just 2 months we managed to delight customers with a total of 10 new products. Our main goal has always been to make users’ daily lives more comfortable and easier. There is something for everyone among the new devices – for both the tech geeks and for those who only want to know that they can control their home with just one click from anywhere in the world.”

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